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Till Kraemer Encyclopedia is an interactive online lexicon.


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To create a new page please enter the name of the topic into the search box (on the left) and you'll be prompted to "create this page". Just click the red link.

Please double-check if you typed in the name of the topic correctly. If you submit movie titles please use "Back to the Future" instead of "Back To The Future" .

Don't use long subtitles when submitting book names, i.e. use: "Die versiegelte Zeit" instead of "Die versiegelte Zeit - Gedanken zur Kunst, zur Ästhetik und Poetik des Films".


Please don't submit links to pages containing explicit hardcore content in the free area (i.e. on the tour pages).

External links

In the interest of simplicity and maintainability, there is a maximum of three links in the "External links" section:
Link 1: Download
Link 2: DVD
Link 3: Official website (if it has no explicit content in the free area, i.e. on the tour pages) or official MySpace/Facebook/Twitter site

Do not submit links to databases (the data should be gathered here instead).


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If you want to upload a picture to Till Kraemer please send it to among with the name of the article. The picture should be at least 600 pixels in height and soft. Please send only pictures you hold the copyright of and which you are allowed to publish.